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"Maximizing Success Through Your Divine Purpose"

​Go on a special journey -- a journey where you explore your God-given talents, identify your individual purpose and passion, and discover God's unique plan for your life.


Includes the Book: "Maximizing Success Through Your Divine Purpose," containing a variety of Self-Discovery exercises and assessments, and a FREE tote bag as our special gift to you.

Find Your "Best-Fit" Career

Utilize professional assessments to help you find a career that fits your unique personality and interests. Experience joy and success doing work you will enjoy.


Includes both the Myers-Briggs and Strong Interest Inventory assessments, and the MBTI & Strong Combined Career Report.

The P3+ Success Formula

Learn a simple, but very powerful formula for maximizing your success. Apply this simple formula to crystalize your Life's Purpose, identify what career or ministry to pursue, or to know which business to start.



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