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Discover your Purpose

in a peaceful, nature setting...

Boat on Lake

Retreat Options

Purpose Discovery Group Retreat

September 14, 2019

Canterbury Retreat Center - Oviedo, FL


Explore your Individual Purpose in a peaceful nature setting hosted by Author & Life Coach Fatima Edwards

Includes Lunch Buffet

Day Retreat & Overnight Lodging

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Maximize your Individual Retreat experience with an overnight stay and full access to amenities including nature walk, paddle boats, canoes, etc.

Individual Day Retreat with Lunch 

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Take assessments, complete exercises, and work with a certified Life Coach who will guide you through your Purpose Discovery Journey!

1-Hour Coaching Session

Most Flexible Scheduling Options


Have a specific topic to discuss with your coach? Meet at the Retreat Center for a session to help you move forward.

Retreat Request Form

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