Life Purpose & Ministry Coaching

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Imagine yourself going on a special journey where you can explore your God-given talents, discover your individual purpose and passion, and find God's unique plan for your life. If you had the opportunity, would you take this journey? Now you can with this dynamic blended coaching program!

You'll receive the book, "Maximizing Success Through Your Divine Purpose," which contains a Personality Assessment, Spiritual Gifts Assessment, Ministry Helps Assessment, Defining Your Purpose Statement Exercise, Balancing Your Life Exercise, Bible Study Guide, and More!  You'll also have a certified Life Coach who will assist you along the way!

Choose the solution that's right for you!

**Each package contains the option to MAXIMIZE your experience with the ASSESSMENT BOOST containing the online Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Strong Interest Inventory assessments with interpretative reports.


You'll receive the book and the ability to communicate with your coach via email as you navigate your journey!


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BRONZE PACKAGE with Online Assessment Boost!


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ENHANCE with Individual Coaching!  You'll receive the book and two (2) individual 1-hour sessions with your coach.


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GOLD PACKAGE with Online Assessment Boost!


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MAXIMIZE your experience!  You'll receive the book and four (4) individual 1-hour sessions with your coach.


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PLATINUM PACKAGE with Online Assessment Boost!


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Life Purpose & Ministry

Blended Coaching Solutions

The P3+ Success Formula!


Learn a very simple, but powerful formula to help you MAXIMIZE your success! You'll complete a variety of assessments and other valuable exercises to help reveal your strengths, identify your greatest passion, and clearly define your unique purpose. You will learn how to combine all key elements to attain personal power that is unstoppable!

Includes both the Myers-Briggs and Strong Interest Inventory assessments, purpose discovery exercises, and four (4) 1-hour coaching sessions with a certified life coach.

COMING SOON...The Complete P12 Purpose Success Program

$1,497 (Monthly Payment Schedule Available)

Take the P3+ Success Formula to a whole new level! Complete the comprehensive 12-stage coaching program to not only define your P3+ Success Formula (Stage 1), but to progress through three (3) subsequent stages to ensure you are fulfilling your Purpose successfully!

Includes everything provided in the P3+ Success Formula Program, twelve (12) 1-hour coaching sessions with a certified Life Coach, and opportunities to promote your efforts on a future TV broadcast.

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