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Maximizing Success Through

Your Divine Purpose

Choose the solution that's right for you!

You'll receive the book, which is packed with lessons, assessments and purpose discovery exercises including:

  • A self-scorable Personality Traits Assessment

  • Personal Traits Questionnaire

  • Spiritual Gifts Self-Evaluation

  • Self-scorable Ministry Helps Assessment

  • Cultivating the Fruits of the Spirit Exercise

  • Writing Your Statement of Purpose Exercise

  • Balancing Your Life Exercise

  • Creating Your Personalized Bible Study Guide

  • And More!

Maximize your assessment experience by adding the Premier Online Assessments package, which includes the popular Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Strong Interest Inventory assessments.

JUNE SPECIAL BONUS: Fatima Edwards, certified Life Coach and author of the book, will provide the 1-to-1 coaching for those who purchase before July 5th!

**Note: An $8 Shipping & Handling fee will be applied to your order.
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